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You simply click on the course below. You will enter the portal through the bscaa web site, which will take you to the course enrollment page. After completing all your personal details you will pay by credit card.

When you have completed your enrollment and payment you will be emailed a user name and password. The courses take 4-6 hours to complete depending on your existing knowledge. You can leave and enter the web site as many times as you like.

You will read through each section of the course. After completing a section you are required to answer a number of multiple choice or true/false questions. You must answer all questions correctly. Should you answer any question incorrectly you will be informed of your incorrect answers and re-directed to the beginning of the section.

After successfully completing a section of the course the system will save your results. Should you log out and log back into the system you will re-start the course where you left off. If you only partially complete a section the system will re-start after the last section you successfully completed.
BSCAA Cleaning Induction Course
  • Plan for safe and efficient cleaning activities
  • Maintain cleaning storage areas
  • Participate in workplace safety arrangements
Office Cleaning - Introduction to cleaning
  • Maintain furniture, fittings and room dressing
  • Clean wet areas
  • Sort and remove waste and recyclable materials
Office Cleaning II
  • Clean ceiling surfaces and fittings
  • Maintain ‘clean room’ environments
  • Wash furniture and fittings
Introduction to carpet cleaning
  • Perform basic stain removal
  • Maintain carpeted floors
Carpet cleaning restoration methods including hot water extraction
  • Use hot water extraction
  • Use bonnet cleaning
  • Use dry foam shampoo
Hard Floor Cleaning
  • Maintain hard floor surfaces
Hard floor stripping and sealing
  • Restore hard floor surfaces
  • Replace a hard floor finish
Window Cleaning
  • Clean glass surfaces
Pressure Washing and Graffiti Removal
  • Clean using pressure washing
  • Clean external surfaces
Infection control for cleaning and housekeeping staff
  • Comply with infection control policies and procedures
Customer service for the cleaning industry
  • Provide effective client service
Supporting a green cleaning program
  • Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices
Clean food-handling areas
  • Clean food-handling areas
Support team leaders
  • Support leadership in the workplace